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I offer technical support and services for Laptops (Windows & Mac), iPads (Tablets), and iPhones (Apple). Highly skilled in Apple, PC and Linux platforms (software & hardware). 30 years technical experience . (link)


30 years certified with Electronics Servicing, Engineering and Design background with; Radio, TV, VCR Electronic Servicing, Electronics Audio & Radio Frequency design, Computer Troubleshooting, Software and Networking.


Services are work-shop based (only) 6 days per week from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Job turnaround-time is typically 24 - 36 hours with a hourly workshop cost (average) of $45.00 per hour. Call or Email (link)

My Services

Computer maintenance aims to get rid of all the malfunctioning problems of a computer, whether internal or external. It includes activities such as updating operating systems as well as installing any other required updates. It also involves ensuring that any antivirus or malware protection software is working properly.
The correction of a problem after the computer has already broken down. The goal of this form of maintenance is to restore operability to the system by either correcting the problem or replacing the damaged components. Common corrective measures involve removing viruses and malware, uninstalling harmful programs, reformatting, and running a system restore, among others.
To transfer data from your old system to a new device. Files, such documents, pictures, music, pictures and emails. Settings, such as user profiles, emails, accounts, passwords, favorites, bookmarks, wallpaper and other personalization. Programs, such as transferring Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Quickbooks, TurboTax, Firefox, Chrome, and other programs to the new computer.
Are programs slow to open? Strange error messages popping up everywhere? These are some of the symptoms of a virus or spyware.
As the internet grows so has the number of security and virus threats. Prevention is better than cure and a good security package.
email setup for Outlook, Windows LIVE MAIL,Thunderbird, Apple mail, gmail and hotmail.
Apple, Samsung, Windows & some others! New tablet setup. Advice about apps that can help you be more connected and more productive.
Help setting up an external and / or online backup solutions like Google Drive so your important files and photos are safe and protected.
Computer support and advice for your personal computer queries (mostly free). Workshop and Remote support (requires a working Internet) for common issues to the operation of your software.

Computer Support & Maintenance

Regular computer maintenance is very important and should not be overlooked. At home or at work, all computers require servicing. Installing new software or hardware components will affect how computer works. These changes, no matter how minor, can create problems without you even knowing it. I provide expert, same day, onsite computer maintenance services to minimise the chances of anything going wrong with your equipment. I will make sure your computers are up-to-date with the latest versions of software, appropriate levels of security and operating system patches.
Computer Support & Maintenance
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17 Kingsford Street, Victor Harbor,
     South Australia. 5211
Mon - Sat (10am - 6pm)
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Peter Bowey
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