Our Services

Computer Repair and Hard Disk Recovery. Hardware and Solutions:

6 Days per Week - Solutions and Repair for; Windows, Linux and Macintosh computer problems.

What services I offer:

Doctor for Macintosh and Windows

Outline of technical skills:

  • Advice for you about which software & hardware will best fill your specific needs
  • Specialist in Laptop / Notebook Computer repairs, Data Recovery and Migration
  • Engineer a custom Computer Network and Backup System to suit unique needs
  • Internet Service access (via Big Pond) Broadband, Wireless & Satellite
  • Getting reliable Internet connections (Wireless, Mobile, Satellite, and Broadband)
  • Networking systems, wireless, hubs and cabling for Office
  • World Wide Internet Website Designs for your WWW business presence
  • Accounting Software help (MYOB & QuickBooks)
  • Disaster & Hard Disk Crash Recovery Repair and Backup Services
  • Point-of-Sale Equipment (cash drawers, card readers, bar code devices)
  • Virus recovery and prevention (Virus dangers are increasing rapidly)
  • Spyware, Malware, Trojan, Pop-up, and Malicious Intrusion removal
  • System CRASH + REPAIR Recovery (Hardware and Software)
  • Cost and upgrade analyst inspection for those with 'unstable' systems
  • Assessment for upgrading to Windows 2000, Windows XP or Vista (on older systems)
Peter Bowey Computer Technician

After 23 years of Computer Support Services, I can state that Computers have become a very Complex and Integral part of our daily life. A single technical disaster can bring a business to chaos and ruin. Think carefully, plan regular backups, and do not become caught by poor sales promotions or lack of communication. Be reassured that we care about your after-sales service. Call or email Peter Bowey (send email) - my service is your 24-hour 'backup' in a disaster recovery. I have a wide range of disaster recovery software, repair tools and hard-won computer technical experience.